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page last updated: 28.11.2011

Mineral Abbreviations

The following is a list of phase names and their abbreviations for use in thermocalc. This differs from the list of mineral endmembers. Here a phase can be considered a pure or solid-solution mineral that can exhibit some degree of immiscibility with other phases, especially those in the same broad mineral group. Thus, each phase considered here could form a distinct mineral in a rock. This differs in many ways to the classic composition-based subdivisions of minerals. For example orthopyroxene is used here for the complete solid solution between enstatite and ferrosilite.

Many of the phases below share a name and abbreviation with an endmember in the internally-consistent dataset. Below the solid solution phases there is a list of common pure endmember phases used in calculations. Each phase abbreviation for a given a-x file is given at the top of each a-x model, with the pure phases at the end. These are also listed in thermocalc at the beginning of each run.


Clinoamphibole cam
Hornblende hb
Glaucophane gl
Actinolite act
Cummingtonite cu
Orthoamphibole oam
Anthophyllite anth


orthopyroxene opx
clinopyroxene cpx
diopside di
omphacite o
jadeite jd
Plagioclase pl
K-feldspar ksp
Albite ab
Biotite bi
Muscovite mu
Paragonite pa
Other minerals/phases
Chlorite chl
Chloritoid ctd
Cordierite cd
Staurolite st
Osumilite osm
Sapphirine sa
Ilmenite ilm
Magnetite mt
Ulvospinel ulv
Spinel sp
Garnet g
Epidote ep
Haematite hem
Talc ta
Dolomite dol
Siderite sid
Melt liq
Fluid fluid
Pure phases (endmembers) commonly used in calculations
Quartz q
Sillimanite sill
Andalusite and
Kyanite ky
Rutile ru
Sphene sph
Calcite cc
Clinozoisite cz
Zoisite zo
Albite ab
Lawsonite law