September 5-19, 2010

Prof. Richard White

Dr. Tim Johnson



Geology of Scotland


(click on map to open a detailed version in a new tab)

The map and inset above shows that Scotland is subdivided into 5 distinct domains with characteristic stratigraphic, igneous and tectonothermal evolutions and separated by major NE-SW-trending faults.

From north to south the domains are: the Foreland zone, the Northern Highlands, the Grampian Highlands, the Midland Valley and the Southern Uplands. The faults are are: the Moine Thrust, the Great Glen Fault, the Highland Boundary Fault and the Southern Uplands Fault. In general, the age of the rocks increases from south to north.

We will be looking in detail at the Grampian and Northern Highlands and the oldest rocks in the UK, the Lewisian rocks of the Foreland zone.


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