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Dr. Tim Johnson


Born in Kent, England, Tim studied Geology at the Universities of Derby

and Cambridge. He obtained his Ph.D. in 1999 for a project on migmatitic gneisses

from the NE Dalradian of Scotland. A two year postdoctoral position at the

University of Graz, Austria, (2000-2002) was followed by a further year of

postdoctoral research (2003) with Mike Brown at the University of Maryland, USA. Tim

then spent 3 years investigating fermented aqueous-CO 2 fluids when running

his own pub in Graz, before moving to Mainz in September 2007.





Tim's main research interests include the use of internally consistent thermodynamic databases in the investigation of high-temperature subsolidus and suprasolidus phase equilibria and related metamorphic processes. He is particularly interested in the generation, segregation and emplacement of granitic melt and the consequences for crustal evolution. He has worked on regional and contact metamorphic rocks from Scotland, Brittany, Maine, Ethiopia and South Africa. Current field areas of interest include the aureole of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa, and regional metamorphic rocks of the Ivrea Zone, Italy.





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